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Do you know how many types of traffic you are trying to generate? If you know basically where they can come from, you can lead them much more easily.
There can be two types of organic web site traffic: direct and indirect traffic. Direct traffic means traffic generated from the key words themselves. Surfers type the key words they want to search about in some search engines and find you and become your traffic.

First, to increase direct organic web site traffic or non-paid traffic in contrast to paid traffic you generate with PPC campaigns, the most important thing is that you have to increase your page rankings, which means for the key words of your niche you have to appear ideally in the first result page. The best positions that surfers are likely to click through are of course the top ten results.

To appear at the top ten results, you'll think of these things to do:

Optimize your on page factors: Enrich your title tag, meta tag with the most related keywords. Increase the density and the designs of keywords in the content of your website. Then check the navigation of the internal and outgoing links. Other than those you also have to pay attention to freshening the content of your website as often as you can.

Optimize your off page factors: This is to do with the ranking level of your website in search engine. You'll want to build many quality links both one way and reciprocal. To have this you'll need to place your URL on quality sites that are relevant, with high traffic and highly ranked. Besides you can do link exchanging with relevant sites as well.

Second, to increase indirect web site traffic or referred traffic, you just have to set your back links along with some good communication with audience about your products or services. This communication can be under the forms of articles, or comments in blogs, or press releases, and the likes.

The point is that you'll need to build as much reliability on your audience as you can so that they can click on the back links to come to your website. You just need to offer some useful information and try to succinctly show your core competency as much as possible.

As all other internet marketers you are well aware of the importance of web site traffic. I've just told you about the two basic but critical things you should bear in mind when generating web site traffic. Those are the two major processes you have to be involved with when separating your web site traffic into two main types: direct and indirect organic traffic.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Does the design of the blog or site really affects the traffic? Also what do you think can generate more the direct or indirect?

  2. andrew said...

    link popularity

    i always try to increase my website organic values first, and i go for the paid competition..this do great really...

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