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In my searches for a better index by Google i have found some cool tricks to get my website fast indexed. In a matter of hours I could see significant changes in the number of pages being indexed by Google. The secret is Social Bookmarking sites.

Now what is a social Bookmarking site?
Social bookmarking sites are sites where you store your bookmarks ( or Favorites)and share them with other people. Now your wondering so what? Well... the great thing about these chind of sites is that they get indexed real fast by search engines like Google and because they provide backlinks back to your site Google checks them out as well providing better and fast indexing. But be shore you chose a high ranking social bookmarking website to get the best results. Also this is a great way to get traffic to your webpage, but well talk about that another time so stay tuned . My personal favourite Social Bookmarking websites are Stumbleupon, digg and del.icio.

STUMBLEUPON is a great site and I have had some great success with it. They have a tool bar you can install for your web browser and makes submitting your favorite sites as easy as clicking a button.
DEL.ICIO is the same but it's a lower ranking website but offers the toolbar button as well.
DIGG is the best of all (leaving the best for last ). It's the highest ranking social bookmarking website out there and you get great results with it, but the down side is they don't have a tool bar to install, witch is OK but a little more work to submit your links.
All in all Social Bookmarking Sites are great for raising pagerank getting your site indexed better and bringing traffic to your webpage.

Google webmaster tools:

This is a great service provided by Google to help index your site and see how to improve your site ranking. This tool is for everyone how feels they can't do anything to better index their site or just wants to see what Google bot is doing.
Google Webmaster Tools has some great features like what Google bot sees, adding sitemaps and other great stuff.
All in all it’s a great service provided by Google and could work wonders for your website, blog, forum or whatever.

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  1. sniper said...

    great info!!!

  2. Clean Star said...

    To get my site indexed in Google, MSN and Yahoo it took only a link to my site from a high PR website. I got my site Clean Star- Home and Garden World indexed before I had planned on getting it indexed just by posting a thread on the forum of with a link to my site for other forum users to have a look at it and better indicate the problem. ( PR6)

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  5. Casino Player said...

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  6. Anonymous said...

    Yep! That's exactly what I did and it worked, hands down.

  7. Anonymous said...

    Yep! That's what I did, and it worked like majic.

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